I Understand

I know that so many of us come from different walks of life. Our differences of culture and upbringings may have shaped our perspectives and opinions uniquely; However, as civil humans (Those who choose to be a significant force of change and preservation), I believe our core values are the same. Who doesn’t want a peaceful community, successful children, a financially stable government, or a fruitful marriage. All of these are desires in my opinion that stretch far beyond demographics. The question is, as the human race, how do we ensure success in our own environments and still support the endeavors of others , without feeling offended, inferior and (or) threatened?

The valid authority in my life may not be the same as yours, but can we somehow choose to co-exist? Or maybe it’s true, that our spiritual  evolution has taken a back seat to the advancements and pleasures of  the flesh (self gratification) just as Maslow’s Laws and Darwin’s Natural Selection indicates. If that’s indeed the truth, then there’s only a matter of time before no one is considered to be trustworthy, or fit for leadership because the only persons gratification that matters here is mines. My God, what a horrible place that would be to live if I wasn’t me. If this is what feels right to us then global, social and financial destruction is inevitable. So if no one else matters but you, “I Understand”. If You sleep well at night simply because your family is safe, “I Understand”. If You can’t feel the hunger pains of  starved and oppressed nations, “I Understand”. If someone dosen’t worship the same God as you, or the same way you do, they are not your brother then believe me, “I Understand”. But the real question is, “Why Don’t You”?


Thanks in advance for your input and participation here on WHEN KINGDOMS TALK.

Dale J. Evans

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